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    December 6, 2012
    5:00 - 6:00am EST  

before friday. >> friday eve if you will. >> friday eve. that's right. live look outside at the u.s. capitol dome on this chilly thursday morning. all right. good morning to you. i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm allison seymour in for sarah simmons this morning. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> gwen will join us now to talk about our chilly weather. things have changed. >> we'll get back to reality. no more 70s. chilly mornings kicking in. we don't have as many clouds as we had yesterday because we have a ridge of high pressure in control. so skies fairly clear. just a few high clouds for -- to the north and west of us. other than that, not much happening. we will have plenty of sunshine ahead. 36degrees at reagan national airport. 31 at dulles and 30 at bwi sure good marshall, a far cry from
those 50s where we were yesterday. winds are light and they will remain light and calm throughout the course of the day. we are talking about plenty of sunshine. your high today, 46 degrees. it will be chilly. bundle up if you are heading out anywhere today. trust me. it is not going to warm up much beyond this and might be even a little cooler to the north and west of the city. we have some changes coming up as well in the weekend. we'll have the details later. gwen and a have worn vests so we can maybe give you the news and make it more comical. i don't know. >> we're styling. >> julie wright is standing by. julie, of a worn those pants. i want to take those pants and wear them right now with you. after you're done, i want those pants. people can't see how cute they are. >> they can see them now. >> it is very festive. >> all you need is a vest now. >> you need a vest.
>> i need a vest. next report, reindeer ears. outer loop headed over for the exit for 270. at the point where you make the decision to go north or continue around 355, right underneath the metro bridge is where we had the accident involving a tractor-trailer this morning. it flipped over and it is loaded with pineapples. the truck will be on its side throughout the morning drive. they are waiting for another truck to come up to the scene to offload the pineapple and get the activity off the road. let's continue with our cameras. we'll show you what else is happening out here on the maps. we have reports of debris in the roadway before you reach quantico. avoid left lane. southbound kenilworth avenue with lanes open, no trouble spots to report leaving eastern headed out towards pennsylvania avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic.
new developments in syria's chemical weapons. army is reportedly ready to load deadly sarin gas into bombs that could be dropped on civilians. there is word the pentagon is telling the white house it might need 57,000 troops to secure syria's chemical weapons stockpiles. heavy fighting continues in aleppo and the capital of damascus as the rebels surround the president's forces. secretary of state hillary clinton is repeating her warning that using chemical weapons would cross a red line. >> our concerns are that an increasingly desperate assad regime might turn to chemical weapons or might lose control of them to one of the many groups that are now operating within syria. >> and there are indications that are syria's embattled
president may be working on an exit strategy. another big story we are following. a possible break in stalled negotiations to avoid the so- called fiscal cliff. for the first time in days, president obama and house speaker john balkaner spoke by phone about the looming deadline. there reportedly was no major progress but leaders say it was a start. the two sides have agreed to tax reforms and spending cuts but are still at a stalemate on raising attacks on incomes over $250,000. >> the hold-up right now is that speaker boehner took a position i think the day after the campaign that said we're willing to bring in revenue but we're not willing to increase rates. >> i'm be here an i'll be available at any moment to sit down with the president to get serious about solving this problem. >> speaker boehner says the president has not responded to
the republicans' latest proposal that does not include a tax increase on wealthy americans. new this thursday morning, former delegate tiffany alston is officially out of office. yesterday, a prince george's county judge ruled that she was out of office following her october plea deal relating to office misconduct. the judge also ruled that the nomination of greg hall by the democratic committee to replace her can be withdrawn. this after details of a troubled past for hall came forward. fairfax county police are investigating a disturbing find inside a student's locker. a loaded handgun was found yesterday at the robinson secondary school. melanie alnwick is live now at the school with the latest on the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. school officials say, of course, they are taking this situation very seriously and they are taking appropriate disciplinary action. but still, there are many questions here about what happened. many questions from parents and
also from the school community. administrators at robinson secondary which is a middle school and high school combined together say they were the ones who found the gun in the student's locker. investigators say there was an. anything magazine in the weapon but they didn't release any other details about what led school officials spot locker. a letter was e-mailed to parents by the school. it refers to not a student or students involved saying the suspects with an s have been identified and questioned. parents have been notified using e-mail alerts but it doesn't sound like many of the students were told about what was going on until they got home. some parents did feel the school took appropriate action. >> i have a seventh grader who didn't know what had happened. my tenth grader had heard but it was dealt with so quickly that i think the kids felt very safe. >> reporter: again, the letter
that the school sent to parents also says we will continue to monitor this situation to ensure the safety of students. that also really has some parents questioning what was going on here? was there something that was ongoing with many students or was this an isolated situation? was it something between just two groups of students. we just don't know. many questions here that we are hoping we can get more details on as the situation unfolds. back to you guys. >> thank you for that report. when we come back, we'll tell you about a horrifying reminder of the importance of gun safety. coming up next, details of a family tragedy involving a loaded gun. >> plus, why did an alleged burglar call 911? details of why the suspect feared for his life. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets,
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new this morning, a devastating accident in minneapolis after a four-year- old boy shoots and kill his two- year-old brother. police say the 4-year-old found his father's loaded happened gun in a closet wand was playing with it when the gun somehow went off. the two-year-old died at the scene. no charges have been filed yet but in minneapolis, it is illegal to store a loaded gun in a way that a child could get
ahold of it. gay marriage is now legal in the state of washington and as of midnight last night, same- sex couples were able to get wedding licenses. governor chris gregoire signed the law yesterday and man lined up outside an administering in seattle. it is probably a safe bet this doesn't happen very often. 911 dispatchers in texas got acall for help from a burglary suspect. christopher moore is accused of breaking into a home early tuesday morning. james garel and his wife and two kids were asleep but he woke up, grabbed his pistol appear cornered a man outside. he order him to drop his keys. moore then jumped into his truck and called 911. >> to be honest with you, at this point, i'mening this dude is not all there. >> officers arrived just minutes after.
they arrested the suspect. he is facing burglary charges. the home owner is not being charged. >> my fear is that it was outside. i think there is some law about that. you got to be inside the house or something. >> but he didn't do anything to him, i don't think. >> no, he didn't. >> this is a good thing. no drama there. the cost of driving on toll roads is making headline again this morning. this time, it could be a good thing. >> coming up next, a plan to cut the cost of driving on the icc in half. temperatures will be below normal. we have cooler air kicking in. we'll let you know the details after the break. stay with us. 
dave brubeck has died. he passed away yesterday in connecticut of heart failure
just one day before his 92nd birthday. brubeck began his jazz career in 1942. he was the first modern jazz musician to be on the cover of time magazine. brubeck's hit, take five, became the first jazz record to sell a million copies and has never gone out of the print since its release in 1959. >> that is pretty impressive. a true legend. >> so that would mean today is his birthday. >> i heard he actually died. they were taking him to the heart doctor and when he went into school, they said as long as you -- he could not read music. they said as long as you never teach and after being such an icon, they were begging him to come and teach. mother nature is getting a heck of a reputation around here from dishing up the 70s to
bringing us right back to 40s. you don't mess around with mother nature. let's take a look. here also look at our sky conditions for you. she is bringing it in calm today though, plenty of sunshine. a few high clouds to the north and to the west of us. but other than that, not much going on at all today. we have some pretty clear skies and plenty of sunshine on tap for you for the afternoon in terms of the forecast. here is a look at our current temperatures. chilly out there. bundle up if you are heading out. don't say you weren't warned. 25degrees in manassas this hour. look at cumberland at 27. the same for winchester. frederick is only 23 degrees. we have 36 here in d.c. in the city. 30 in baltimore and 31 degrees at dulles. winds are calm and they'll stay light throughout the course of the day as well. with that ridge of high pressure and light winds, definitely chilly. we'll be about 43 degrees. no shortage of sunshine for you. the skies will be bright. clear skies and into tonight,
we are talking some 20s in the suburbs. be prepared as that ridge of high pressure stays strong and our overnight lows will be kicking in into the low to mid- 30s pretty much everywhere except for areas to the north we'll see some low 30s there. as i said, in the suburbs, there is a chance we could see some 20s. cool conditions and chilly. the jet stream well to the north of us bringing those temperatures below normal for us. we are going to continue to see that into the course of the day. tomorrow, we're closer to seasonal at 51 degrees. a lot more cloud coverage as we move into the weekend. keeping an eye on a system that looks like it will bring us a chance of some showers as we head through into sunday lingering a little bit into monday as well. we end up back to mostly sunny skies as we move through into sunday. let's check approximate n. with julie wright. >> there was a crash this a tra
heads up on the outer loop. you will find the tractor- trailer that was loaded with pineapple still overturned on its side blocking the right lane of two. authorities tell me that truck will be in place until after this morning's commute and they will come back, offload all of the pineapple and get that truck out of the roadway. light traffic volume, outer loop of the beltway headed northbound over towards 270. trouble now in virginia northbound on 359 before you reach seminary road north of duke street. accident activity tying up the right side of the roadway. traffic starting to slow from edsall road as you skis by to the left. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. should stoles on the pricy intercounty connector be cut in half. it's serious proposal being put forward by a member of the montgomery county council. -- should tolls on the pricy intercounty connector be cut in half? >> john henrehan with more now. >> reporter: after 50 years of
planning, debate and construction, the intercounty connector finally began opening in segments in 2011. but largely because of the lengthy doe lay, the only financially viable option for the roadway was its construction as a toll road. and the variable tolls are often pricy even in the middle of the day with an e-zpass for cars that can cost more than $3 for a full one-way trip. the rush hour cost for cars is higher and for trucks, it is much higher. it was easy for us to find motor i haves in montgomery county who occasionally use the icc. >> when we need it, it saves us time and therefore the money is worth it. >> do you ever use it? >> i use it a couple of times. >> we use it a couple of times going up to baltimore. >> reporter: most days, the traffic is light to moderate. phil andrews, who has never been a fan of the icc, believes the tolls on the highway are way too high and the tolls should be cut dpraftically in
order to draw more traffic op to the six-lane roadway. >> cut tolls in half because $4 a day each way is just too much. you make the highway a much more useful road not only for the people on it but for the roads that the cars come off of. >> reporter: the maryland transportation authority says daily traffic on the icc is growing at the rate of 3% per month. and first year revenues came in a million dollars higher than the authority's projection. the authorities also said the toll roadway's purpose is to provide relatively congestion free travel with reliable travel times. the mtsed a it will respond directly to the councilman's proposal to cut icc tolls in half. reading between the lines of the statement from the mta, it appears the state agency's answer to cutting tolls on the
icc is no. john henrehan, fox 5 news. tomorrow, we kick off our annual stuff a truck food drive. coming up next, we'll show you how volunteers are getting ready. >> but first, season's greetings from our troops. stay with us. we'll be right back. ight back. >> hello. i am sending greetings to alma in washington. alma, all the best to you and your family, to nicole and your grandchildren and to your son. i wish that he has been restored to good health. love you much and hope you have a very merry christmas and a bright and prosperous new year. i'm looking forward to seeing you sometime near in the future. love you. bye! bye! 
welcome back. many organizations ask for your help this time of year and fox 5 is gearing up for our annual stuff a truck food drive set for tomorrow. >> we team up with the capital area food banks to help fill trucks full of food for d.c. area families in need.
each thursday, a crowd of people, young and old come to the rolling crest community center in hyattsville. they are here to get food. >> when i started three years ago helping out with the food bank, we averaged about 100, 150 people. now, we go to 250 people every week. that is just people, not families. that is 200 being 300 people that come in to provide for their families. >> reporter: the capital area food bank says nearly a million people in the dmv are vugling to get life's most basic needs -- are struggling to get life's most basic needs. >> you can tell, they're here. they stand out in the hot and the cold. they come in mere because they need the food. >> at this location, it is all about produce. >> i seen one family, they may be feeding three, four different families with these potatoes. >> making sure people get what they need are the volunteers
who also brave the elements. in all, the capital area food bank says there are 700 partner agencies involved in the effort to feed the hungry. >> to be able to give something of our time to help people who are in need is critical. you see it every day as you are driving to work. you see people as you are going to work. you need to take the time to volunteer and give something to the community. >> very a lot of needs in the community. there are a lot of needs everywhere. for those of us who have been fortunate enough to have time or energy or money to give back, you know, there is a lot of needs to be fulfilled. >> reporter: each volunteer donating time and effort to make sure those who are in need have food to eat. >> it warms my heart to see that some people really, really appreciate this. >> we invite you to join us tomorrow at the following giant food locations brentwood,
montrose crossing, greenbury arrest, hyattsville. >> tomorrow, you will also be able to donate money to the capital area food bank over the phone and online. why not head out to one of the locations, maybe brentwood in the morning to see wisdom martin. >> come on out and i'll salsa dance. it's he a long story. hour holly morris is down on the ellipse this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. aten exciting day in the nation's capital today. the president will flip the switch and officially light the national christmas tree. this is a 90 year old tradition so it is done in a big way. coming up, we'll talk all about the star-studded line-up for this year's show and how you can come down throughout the season and enjoy the badgent of peace. it is all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪
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happy thursday. live look outside over washington, d.c. it is chilly outside. no big deal. just the fact that we had some 70-degree days earlier. >> it was really easy getting used to that. >> it's so far. >> came, left, just like a
houseguest. >> all right. >> what to you say, after three days, you got to go. >> that is my line. ridge of of high pressure in control so we've got clear conditions to talk about today. plenty of sunshine. a few loud to the north and west but very high clouds. not too much to really concentrate on. yesterday's highs, folks, 63 degrees at reagan national airport. 61 at dulles. 64 at bwi thurgood marshall. some 10 to 15 degrees warmer than normal. today, we will be closer to normal. it is currently 36 at d.c. 31 at dulles. 30 at bwi sure good marshall. if you are heading anywhere, make sure you bundle up. our high today will only be about 46 degrees. this is behe although seasonal. we should be maybe about 50 to 51 but plenty of sunshine. skies will be bright. winds will be very light today from the northeast and shifting to the southeast at about five miles per hour. but it is going to be chilly and tonight, it is going to be very cold as well. so if you are going down to kind of take in the national christmas tree lighting, make
sure you dress warm. layers always work best. as we take a look at our seven- day forecast a little later on, we've got some changes coming up and also some significant changes for the weekend. >> thank you so much. time now to say hello to julie wright to see what is happening on the morning commute. >> i hope you like pineapple because i got a bunch of it out here on the beltway at this time. outer loop is where the crash occurred this morning. on the outer loop of the beltway at the ramp to go northbound on 270, that is where this tractor-trailer flipped over on its side. you can see the wheels pointed out there on the roadways. state highway tells me that the truck will remain in the right lane throughout the morning commute. they will then come up with another vehicle, offload the pineapple and remove both vehicles from your path. the outer loop of the beltway to go northbound on 270, right lane of two remains closed at this time. at this moment, traffic volume is very light so veryling delay passing the scene. in issue v northbound 359 trying to get past took street, this is where we had the
accident activity that was tying up the right lane. traffic heavy and slow from edsall road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -time traffic. now to the developing crisis in syria. up named u.s. officials say the syrian army has loaded deadly sarin gas into aerial bombs and is just waiting for orders from president assad. if it does, president obama says there will be some serious consequences. this morning, a blast hit the red crescent quarters in damascus as fierce fighting rages on in the suburbs. the german government just approved sending patriot air defenses to turkey's border with syria. with syria. the other big story this thursday morning, new hope there could be another round of negotiations, talk to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. for the first time in days, president barack obama and house speaker john boehner spoke by phone about the looming fiscal cliff. so far, no word on the details
of the conversation but some republican leaders are now asking for a sit-down with the president. the two sides are at a stalemate over raising taxes on incomes over $250,000 a year. 2 taking a look at some of our other top stories this morning. police in fairfax county continue to investigate a scary scene at robinson secondary school in fairfax after a loaded handgun was found inside a student's locker. they insist that proper disciplinary action will be taken and that the students were never in danger. a fairfax county woman is being sued by the map she hired to do handy work at her home after he says she posted negative comments about him on the web sites yelp and angie's list. the woman claimed he did poor work and stole her jewelry to boot. the contractor says the allegations are false and now
he is suing her for defamation claiming his business has suffered as a result. >> you can't just slander somebody and expect to get away with it. i hope it encourages other individuals who are hurt or punished to stand up for what is right. >> the posting of the review has an impact. it is a bell that can't be unrung. and in fact, losing customers and losing clients because of an untruthful statement can be very damaging. >> yesterday, a judge ruled that any allegations of criminal activity needed to be removed from the web sites. yelp has since pulled the entire review. thousands of you will join the first family in celebrating the season. >> it is the national christmas tree lighting and we are live on the ellipse next with what you need to know if you are headed there. stay with us. stay with us. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets, your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year.
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toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. welcome back. a gorgeous morning. i know it is dark but it is morning. you are watching fox 5 morning news. it is time for fox 5 holiday tradition. this is the time of year when we ask to you please send in your ornaments for the fox 5
christmas tree. we'll decorate a tree with your festive donations and then give it to a local charity. hopefully, it will help brighten up their day. >> send your ornament to 5151 northwest wisconsin avenue. be sure to put it to the attention of the fox 5 christmas tree. 90 years of tradition are the focus of tonight's christmas tree lighting. it features neil patrick harris along with a line-up of top acts. >> holly morris is our top act. she has more from the ellipse where organizes are are getting ready for the all-star show. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. thank you. i've done this quite a few years and i have to say i think this is one of the better line- ups in terms of the array of talent that people will see on
stage. we're talking about james taylor, the fray, koby calais. philip phillips. it is a really good linen up and this is a wonderful show hosted like you said by neil patrick harris. president and philadelphia will be here to flip the switch. if you don't have tickets, then there is no sense you coming down here. you are not even going to get close. streets are closed off. the tickets were given away in a lottery a few weeks ago but it is being streamed online. you can watch it that way. we'll have the actual lighting on our evening news. can you catch it that way. this just kicks off i abigger event which is the pageant of peace. the trees are lit every night including the big tree and the 56 industries surrounding it. you can sense the excitement. we'll talk about the history.
we'll talk about the stars and they actually start rehearsing at 8:00. we'll see who we can see when we see them. back to you. >> all right. we can't wait. love it. another holiday tradition here on the morning show. a shopping nightmare for one woman in our area. sadly, just in time for the holidays. up next, she purchased her item on amazon but she faceed a big roadblock when the item stopped working. we'll have the details. >> plus, we're checking all your top stories, weather and traffic. stay with us. with us. 
live look out there. the date is december 6th, 2012. how many days then until christmas? >> i don't want to know. >> 19 days now? the nomination for the 2013 grammy awards are in. six different artists tied for top nominee. what would that be, like artist of the year? >> i guess. >> here is the list. mr.kanye west, jay-z, franco
shen, dan auerbach of the black keys. is that his name? >> i guess so. mumford and sons. >> are they related to and ford and sons. >> i don't think they are. i think they might be english and the pop band fun. other notable bids include call me maybe up for the song of the year. if it were on popularity alone and number of plays on pop radio, it might be that song. >> she may get it. >> the grammys air february 10th. >> here is gwen to talk about weather. >> more december-like if we're being honest. >> that's right. gets you in the festive mood as we prepare for the holiday soap that is coming closer than i need it to come but nonetheless, let's take a look. -- as we prepare for the holiday season. we have a ridge of high pressure that is dim in control
for today and that is what is going to bring you sunshine into the course of today. so it is not all bad. it will be a much cooler day than it was yesterday. so prepare yourselves accordingly. speaking of yesterday, 63 at national airport, 61 at dulles an 64 at bwi thurgood marshall. current temperature is 23 out there. we've got 3-degree in annapolis. 30 at baltimore. fredericksburg is at 34. d.c. is at 36. we have 27 at cumberland. so that cool, chilly air in place as we head up the mid- atlantic. 30degrees for boston. 31 at new york city. so that cooler air just about all along areas of the mid- atlantic and not warming up any time soon i might add at all. here is a look at what we're talking about today.
daytime highs into the 40s. a couple of 50s on our map. it will be warmer more to the south but we are generally talking low to mid-40s across the entire region. that ridge of high pressure will guarantee us some sunshine although a chilly start. sun will be sticking around all day long. 46 for your high today. it will be a cold night tonight. bundle up, 36 degrees. height southeasterly wind. as we move into the weekend, we get a little bit of a warm-up. not bad for the low 60s on saturday. but prepare yourselves for some rain as we move through into sunday. some light spotty showers expected. behind me, the crew in sky fox has made their way over to the outer loop of the beltway. the big story, the tractor- trailer which overturned losing part of its load of pipe apple. they were offloading some of that just before sky fox arrived at the scene. on the outer loop of the beltway, right lap is blocked. those are cones there blocking that right lane on the outer loop of the beltway as you
travel underneath 270. that right lane will be blocked throughout the morning commute according to authorities. delays are starting to build as you travel west of 355 headed over towards the scene. a lot of offloading needs to be done before we can get the tractor-trailer out of the roadway. heads up be typically a slowdown between 95 and georgia avenue. now, we'll see this delay start to build and connect as you travel west out of silver spring headed over towards the commit for 270. coming south on 270, your lanes are open. no problems for you. quickly, let's move over to our map. we'll show you what else is happening out here on the roads. traveling along northbound business 5, this is where we have reports of accident at mattawoman beantown road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. you know, more people than ever are shopping online and amazon is a popular web site for buying almost anything. >> but with all the third party merchants on the web site, it is hard to know who you can
trust. that is a lesson that a maryland woman learned the hard way. laura evans has this consumer alert. >> reporter: francesca wanted to buy a nintendo ds game player for her son's birthday. she turned to amazon. she bought it from worldwide distributors a seller on amazon because it had high user satisfaction rating. the ds areverend and all was well until a month later when it suddenly stopped working. she says she called worldwide distributors and they told her to call nintendo. >> i called anyone ten owe and they say we don't recognize the serial number. this is either a counterfeit product or made in a foreign country and intended only for foreign distribution. >> turns out it was the latter, not meant for sale in the united states. >> i hadn't reported the problem to the seller within 14 days so i was not covered by
the a to z guarantee. >> reporter: the product broke the 31st day she had it. so she called world wye distributors back again. she said this time they admitted the product was made for foreign sale and agreed to give her a full refound once she returned the ds. she put the ds in the mail and then posted negative feedback on the seller. that is when she got a phone call from worldwide distributors. >> the seller told me that, because i had returned the product after 30 days, they would normally charge me -- deduct a restocking fee. if i removed my negative feedback, they would not deduct the restocking fee. >> reporter: she removed the feedback. >> i was all lined up to do all of my christmas shopping on amazon because that is what i have adone for the past several years. i will not get on amazon. >> reporter: dave carroll says amazon should be listening. >> there is a responsibility for the mothership n this case amazon, to really consider who is selling and using their
brand as part of t at the end of the day, amazon's brand will wear this, not this third party seller. >> reporter: we called worldwide distributors and they did not want our conversation recorded. the supervisor said i don't know where you're getting your information. you have no idea what you're talking about. she also said they did not misrepresent the items sold on amazon. laura evans, fox 5 news. we want to el you that an amazon spokesperson told us we appreciate this and we cannot comment on this. let's talk about rg iii, shall we? >> yes. >> that is not rg iii. clearly, that is not rg iii. now, let's talk about rg iii. >> okay. >> is he already headed to the hall of fame? at least part of his uniform is. we'll have more on that coming up next. >> a challenge is made over the
skins-ravens game. we'll take a look at what is on the line. we'll be right back. 
in sports, maryland hosted maryland eastern shore. this one would never be close. terms would win it in a lowout 100-68. the hawk are still winless after eight games. just 12 games into his career and rg iii has made it
to the hall of fame. not really but kind of, sort of. he broke cam newton's rookie rushing record on monday night. his game jersey and cleats from the game is now heading to the hall of fame in canton to be put on exhibit. we know it is the battle of the beltways this weekend. redskins versus rav anened the game has already inspired a challenge from one local lawmaker to another. >> howard county executive ken olman is calling out prince george's county executive rushern baker. >> if somehow you somehow sneak a victory, which i can't imagine happening, even though you got lucky this past week against the giants, i will proudly wear and rg iii jersey for an entire day. but, when we come down to fedex field and beat you this sunday, you will take my favorite jersey and you will wear it in the office on a purple friday. we will make a purple friday in
prince george's county. >> let me tell you something. if you live in this area, including you, you've got rg iii. >> if he doesn't, he is going to get one soon. baker has yet to accept his formal challenge but from his twitter page, it appears he will and possibly even up the ante may making him sing hail to the redskins. here is the thing. the ravens are in baltimore. prince george's county is in maryland. baltimore is in maryland. i'm cop fused. starbucks is expanding. that is ahead at 6:00 in our business beat. and it is time for our facebook fan of the day before we let you go for this hour. today, we say hi to molly carter. she has been a fox 5 fan since moving to virginia 17 years ago and she is looking forward to 17 more. we'll be right back.